Our Process

When you purchase a puppy from

JS Berners you will go through 5 steps.

  1. Application We want our pups to go to loving homes where they will be nurtured and trained well. Therefore, we ask that you complete the application here: https://tinyurl.com/JSBernersApplication Once we approve your application, we will reach out for a phone conversation to ask and answer questions and to dialogue about our pups. During that conversation, we’ll let you know if you’re approved. We’ll then email you an invoice for a $500 non-refundable deposit (We use Square which you can pay with a credit card or banking account) which goes toward the total cost of your puppy. When available, the prices & pictures of each individual puppy can be found on our Current Litters Page. This is our current pricing structure:
    • Tri-Colored (Exceptional Berner markings)- $3,200
    • Tri-Colored- $3000
    • Bi-Colored- $2,600
    • Solid- $2,200 (FYI, we rarely have solid puppies because we are attempting to breed for the tri-colors. )
      • Please note that we won’t know until delivery, the puppies’ markings. They may have Exceptional Berner markings or be bi-colored, etc. Individual pricing will be published on the Current Litters Page around 2 to 3 weeks of age.
    • The following additional fees are first-come, first-serve. First right-of-refusal to those on the waiting list.
      • 1st Pick of the Litter- $300 additional
      • 2nd Pick of the Litter- $200 additional
      • 3rd Pick of the Litter- $100 additional

***If you would like JS Berners nanny service to transport your puppy to you, there is an extra charge that is determined based on location, time and if any accommodations are needed for the nanny.

2. PUPPY ANNOUNCEMENTS – We will contact anyone on our waiting list when we know the dams are expecting with the approximate delivery date(s). After delivery, we will contact you again. Litter pictures & videos will be shared on our website within a few days. Individual puppy pictures will be shared at about 3 weeks and again at 6 weeks.

3. PUPPY SELECTION – For those who will physically come to meet and choose their puppy, we will begin puppy visits around 5 weeks. We see the selection process as a partnership. We will get to know your family and home life. We will educate you about the pups’ personalities and traits and advise you to a good fit for your family. Families who pay additional fees for Picks-of-the-litter get to visit and choose their puppies first.

For those who will choose their puppy virtually, we will video call with you at least three times to help you “meet” the pups.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right  to withhold any puppy for our breeding program. We also reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy at any time if we feel it may not be in the best interest of our puppy. 

4. PUPPY HEALTH & WELLNESS – Each puppy will receive their veterinarian health check, necessary shots and de-worming before their new families take them home at 8 weeks of age. JS Berners will provide a veterinarian’s health certificate and a medical record card. We also require families to schedule a veterinarian’s visit within seven days of pick-up (Please schedule your puppy’s first vet visit before pick-up day. A lot of veterinarians are booked out weeks in advance). We guarantee the health of our pups for 1 year for severe genetic illnesses and hip/elbow dysplasia for 2 years. We cannot be responsible for injuries or illnesses that are contracted after puppies are in your care.


**Puppy Training Classes for socialization and obedience. These classes are about YOU as the owner. A submissive dog is a peaceful dog. Introducing your puppy to new things/situations/activities/people is very important in the 8 to 18 week phase. It will set them up to love going in a car, not being scared of water, being comfortable with all sorts of people and being a well-balanced dog. So, introduce them to family & friends, go swimming, play music, run the vacuum and hairdryer, take them into animal-friendly stores and all sorts of other activities (One caution: Wait until their shots are completed before being around a lot of other dogs.) Training will bond you both and help you and your family be the “alphas” that your puppy/dog need. Plus, you’ll be known in the neighborhood as the family with the well-behaved, beautiful dog.

**WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SUPERVISE YOUR PUPPY AT PLAY and WHEN THEY RUN. During their first 18 months, their bones grow quickly and until they are “set” injury can occur. Do not let them jump freely from high places such as the back of your car or off a high bed. Assist them until about a year.

**Start grooming IMMEDIATELY. Your puppy is going to grow up and you want him/her to be okay with claw & hair trims when they are adults. Groomers & Vets will LOVE you for it. JS Berners begins nail cutting from the first few days, but you need to continue the practice. Take it from our personal experience…wrestling a 80 to 120 lb dog to trim their nails is traumatic for both you and the dog.

5. PUPPY PICK-UP – Appointments will be set for puppy pick-ups at 8 weeks of age. Before this scheduled appointment, JS Berners will email the buyer the Puppy Purchase Contract which must be signed before puppies leave our property.

Puppies will go home with a blanket or towel with their littermate’s scent, a sample of puppy food and the items listed in the Health & Wellness section listed above.

**We also can deliver puppies at the buyer’s expense to be discussed in advance.

If you would like to start the Adoption Process, please complete the PET APPLICATION here. https://tinyurl.com/JSBernersApplication