JS Berners

Our love for Bernese Mountain Dogs (& now, Bernedoodles) began over 25 years ago when Shannon met her first pair of Berners on an exotic animal farm in rural PA. The big bundles of fur greeted her with happy smiles and wagging tails, then promptly turned around and sat on her feet (a true Berner trait)! Shannon was hooked. Jere surprised her a few years later on her birthday with a trip to pick out their new puppy, Tilly.

Two years later, Tilly delivered her first of three litters. Happy families adopted many beautiful puppies over the next four years. We kept Belle from her second litter.

When our beautiful girls passed away, we adopted Tessa and hoped to breed her as well. Unfortunately, she had reproductive issues and so she lives a life of ease, mostly cuddling on the couch and enjoying walks in the neighborhood.

Maggie is our first Bernedoodle who whelped two beautiful litters. Unfortunately, she developed an infection and so we had her spayed. She joins Tessa in couch-cuddling.

We own a 50/50 Bernedoodle, Mazie, who lives in one of our guardian homes with Jere’s sister and her family near Pittsburgh, PA. She is our only breeding dog currently. 2023 will probably be her last litter.

Besides cuddling with the dogs, Shannon loves to decorate and do interior design. She works for our church in an administrative role helping children and families in the Dominican Republic.

Jere loves soccer and backpacking with the dogs. He is an executive leadership coach as well as an Executive Director at Connect United, a local entrepreneurial church.

We live in Northborough, Massachusetts.