Featuring Bernedoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs

Current Litter(s)

Stay tuned for our next litter in 2023.

Hopefully we will breed Mazie in May. We’ll know soon. If things go according to plan, puppies will be available around Labor Day.

Currently, we have no puppies.

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Guardian Homes

JS Berners philosophy includes the foundational idea that dogs belong with people and packs. When one of our puppies joins your family, they become part of your pack. So, we live by that example. Instead of many kennels with dogs living outdoors away from people, we build relationships with guardian families who…

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About Us

Our love for Bernese Mountain Dogs (& now, Bernedoodles) began over 25 years ago when Shannon met her first pair of Berners on an exotic animal farm in rural PA. The big bundles of fur greeted her with happy smiles and wagging tails, then promptly turned around and …. 

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JS Berners

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